Masaüstü Reaktör Sistemleri

Masaüstü Reaktör Sistemleri

Masaüstü Reaktör Sistemleri
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Single and Dual Vessel Benchtop Process Reactors

  • Jacketed borosilicate glass vessels from 300mL to 5 liters
  • Your choice of overhead stirrer motors
  • Tool-free connections are attached and removed by hand
  • Optional manifold connections for easy draining
  • Complete systems

ChemRxnHub single and dual reactor system workstations in 300mL to 5 liter configurations. Great for those who need complete, off-the-shelf systems that are quick to assemble, operate and maintain. The unique design of the ChemRxnHub™ support stand and clamping system allows for easy installation and removal of glassware. These workstations also fit into most benchtop hoods. The ChemRxnHub series of benchtop reactors is comprehensive, making it easy for you to get the vessel size and accessories you need.

Each ChemRxnHub™ process system includes benchtop stand, overhead stirrer and glassware. Available with the optional manifold connection and heat transfer fluid draining system.

Use this quick-quote form to get a free quote on a new Dual Vessel ChemRxnHub System.

Custom Reactors Available and Affordable • Contact Us for Quotes

ChemRxnHub Jacketed Systems, 300mL - 5 Liters
Single Vessel ChemRxnHub Jacketed Process Reactor Dual Vessel ChemRxnHub Form
Single Vessel Systems
Dual Vessel Systems

Specify your Dual Vessel System components using this four-step, quick-quote form. You'll need to choose your vessel size, motor, connections and optional supports for each reactor setup.

Dual Vessel ChemRxnHub Form (600K PDF)Dual Vessel ChemRxnHub Form

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