Smeg Laboratuvar Tipi Bulaşık Makineleri

Smeg Laboratuvar Tipi Bulaşık Makineleri

Smeg Laboratuvar Tipi Bulaşık Makineleri
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Glassware Washer GW6090

The range of professional Smeg washing and disinfection machines is manufactured according to specific projects using professional materials and special components in order to achieve the best results from a technological point of view. The wash chambers are made of AISI 316 L quality stainless steel resistant to strong acids (as used in the pharmaceutical and food industries).

The plastic materials used are the result of more than 20 years of testing and direct experience in the most varied application fields. 
They are heat-resistant and inert and offer excellent resistance to corrosive substances and selected organic solvents. The range of machines meets the glassware decontamination requirements of laboratories operating in the general chemical, organic and petrochemical fields. For laboratories operating in the biological sector, Smeg guarantees complete biological decontamination (in accordance with BGVV standards).

Glassware washer GW2050

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