BE2100 Temassız Biyokütle (OD) Sensörü

BE2100 Temassız Biyokütle (OD) Sensörü

BE2100 Temassız Biyokütle (OD) Sensörü
BE2100 Temassız Biyokütle (OD) Sensörü
Ürün Kodu: BE-2100
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Widest linear range – from <0.1 to >300 OD units – of any biomass monitor

Automated, continuous, real-time, online OD measurements

Measures through fermentor wall or viewing port – attaches to outside of vessel

Works well for both fermentation and cell culture

No immersion port required – avoids fouling and contamination

Lowest total cost of ownership of any biomass monitor currently available


Noninvasive Biomass Monitor

The BE2100 is an industry-leading, noninvasive biomass monitoring system designed for

use in both research laboratory and industrial environments. The sensor is easily secured

to the outside of a variety of different fermentor types, from small glass vessels to large

stainless steel vessels with glass viewing ports. Since no immersion port is required, the

need for sensor sterilization is also eliminated.

Real-time, Online Monitoring

The BE2100 Biomass Monitoring System consists of a sensor that attaches to a fermentor

or bioreactor, and one of three options to control the sensor: a BE2100 base unit (single

sensor), a multiplexing BE2100 Base Unit (up to 4 sensors), or the BE|USB (direct USB

adapter for single sensor), all of which interface with the included software, providing the

user intuitive controls and the ability to track the progress of fermentation in real time.

The software can calibrate the sensor output to any desired units (OD, g/L, cells/mL, etc.)

as well as track important events during the fermentation. The BE2100 and BE2400 base

units comes equipped with serial RS-232, USB and 4-20 mA analog outputs and can

function as a stand-alone device or can be controlled through software via RS-232 or USB,

enabling straightforward integration into a fermentor control system.


Ultra-Wide Linear Range

Most immersion probe methods are limited in the range of biomass growth they measure.

The BE2100 sensor on the other hand employs a novel method of optical monitoring that

responds linearly to biomass over a very wide range of growth: from less than 0.1 to

greater than 300 OD units. 


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